Madalyn Collins

Hello Everyone,
 I am a licensed Realtor,  I work for Berkshire Hathaway Hodrick Realty, in Williamsport. I grew up here in good old Williamsport,PA. I graduated from South Williamsport. I am now raising my family here. If anyone here needs help finding a home, listing a home, curious as to how much your home could sell for….as well as rentals and commercial units. Please call me. I would be more than happy to help you. As well as feel free to send me your business information. We could always be referral buddies. Have a wonderful Day 🙂  
Madalyn Collins  570-772-3388 -Cell
 RS# 332242 
Berkshire Hathaway Hodrick Realty 
448 River Ave ,Williamsport, PA 17701